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Children will learn to create their own 3D models from the Tinkercad program. In our 3D activity of Modeling and digital printing

Learning Objectives

• Introduction to 3D design through free computer Software.
• Reflecting and understanding basic physics, geometry and 3D prototyping concepts.
• Consolidate the spatial descriptive view of geometry and understand the scale and pwe proportions in real and virtual environments.
• Using role-playing games we put into practise 3D printers in the classroom.
• ​Curricular project based on Smart City, consolidating research processes, sketching, urban planning, 3D CAD design and printing.

Skills & STEAM Development

• Learn how to work in order to achieve a design consensus.
• Systematize the design process and the 3D terminology.
• Complete immersion in an international project where Gamification is applied.

This is a highly creative and technical week and allows you to express your creativity, and everything which is learnt can be progressed at home with free powerful 3D software!

We'll explore how a 3D model is built up of vertices and polygons, and how we can use this knowledge when modelling. The camp will cover numerous techniques and approaches to digital modelling which are widely used by industry professionals today.Take your creations from the digital realm and bring them into the physical world by learning how to using a 3D printer.

We'll look at different 3D printing alternatives and the some of the techniques involved - as well as common pitfalls we need to avoid when taking our models to the printer! We'll also explore alternative ways of visualising the models, using both Virtual and Augmented Reality technology.

5 to 8 years old

Activity that develops prototypes for entrepreneurial projects always with a social purpose and perspective through the use of LEGO®, Makey Makey and Micro:Bit materials.

9 to 12 years old

Activity that introduces 3D computer design using free software, it helps students to consolidate a spatial descriptive vision of geometry including scale and proportion in virtual and real printed environment. Each group will have a 3D printer in the class.

13 years old and +

This activity develops a creative idea and turns it into a functional product. Using a design thinking methodology we let students get experience on the different stages of the process (from the initial design to the production).