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Learning Objectives

• Complete immersion on the use of CAD design Software.
• Transition from a creative idea to a final product, with the use of methodological Design Thinking.
• Putting in common models and tests of concept of complex geometries 3D.

Skills & STEAM Development

• Gain experience in the developing process, from the initial design to the production.
• Presenting projects, answering the challenge in the area of a Smart city, Robotics, Medical and Automotive Manufacturing.
• ​Participate in the CREATE Education program in International network.

Students participate in a global collaborative project, Kedeville, as a Gamified process to create a Smart City.

Every week students will receive a new challenge that will make them develop and design a new piece, according to a number of requirements previously exposed. Students will investigate the king of design typology that is the most accurate; while the result of the previous class is printed. 

It is a fully documented international project that uses English as its main language. Students work with a board, and share in a virtual community the progress of the “urbanization” of the Smart City, in terms of services and mobility.

5 to 8 years old

Activity that develops prototypes for entrepreneurial projects always with a social purpose and perspective through the use of LEGO®, Makey Makey and Micro:Bit materials.

9 to 12 years old

Activity that introduces 3D computer design using free software, it helps students to consolidate a spatial descriptive vision of geometry including scale and proportion in virtual and real printed environment. Each group will have a 3D printer in the class.

13 years old and +

This activity develops a creative idea and turns it into a functional product. Using a design thinking methodology we let students get experience on the different stages of the process (from the initial design to the production).