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Robotics activities

Activity structured in weekly sessions of an hour and a half; each class is divided in four sections: challenge, construction, programming and consensus.



Encouraging teamwork and working in pairs through workshops and defined roles that change every session (engineer, builder and programmer). This system allows a highly personalized learning.


English is used as the main language. Students develop collaborative projects with students from Danish schools Ballerup Østerhøjskolen among others.


All our teachers fulfil a double profile: technical and pedagogical experience. This double role allows the activities to be fun learning for children, with a good environment and, at the same time, with a high technical level.

5 to 8 years old

Activity that develops machining, communication and effective team work skills through the use LEGO® equipment.

9 to 12 years old

Activity that develops: complex systems, computational thinking (programming) and global teamwork skills through the use LEGO® equipment.

13 years old and +

Activity that develops prototypes for entrepreneur projects with the use LEGO equipment, Makey Makey and Micro:Bit; having a social perspective and purpose.

Our ROBOTICS activities