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3D design Y LEGO® art

Workshop attendees will develop a strategic imagination to make story-telling, with diverse 2D material on large LEGO®​ bases, as well as in 3D format with large collaborative model

Children will learn to create their own 3D models models from CAD Software! On our 3D Digital Modelling & Printing activity you'll learn how to take a simple piece of geometry and shape it into anything you want, from dinosaurs to space crafts and beyond. We'll explore how a 3D model is built up of vertices and polygons, and how we can use this knowledge when modelling. ​

The camp will cover numerous techniques and approaches to digital modelling which are widely used by industrial professionals today. They will take their creationsand bring them into the physical world by learning how to use a 3D printer. They will look at different 3D printing alternatives and some of the techniques involved - as well as common pitfalls they need to avoid when taking their models to the printer

We'll also explore alternative ways of visualising the models, using both virtual and augmented reality technology. This is a highly creative and technical activity that allows you to express creatively. Everything which is learnt can continue to be developed at home with free powerful 3D software! The projects will be combined with LEGO® classic pieces allowing us to set the project with metaphors, ideas and motivating stories for the students.

Learning Objectives

• 3D Modelling Techniques
• Digital Sculpting
• ​3D Printing

Skills & STEM Development

• Creativity
• Experimentation
• Spatial Reasoning
• Creative Problem-Solving

The class's own systematics, leads us to work individually responding to a challenge, then integrate it into a collaborative space, making the best decisions, reaching consensus, and respecting the essence of all ideas.

5 to 8 years old


Activity that develops prototypes for entrepreneurial projects always with a social purpose and perspective through the use of LEGO®, Makey Makey and Micro:Bit materials.

9 to 12 years old


Activity that introduces 3D computer design using free software, it helps students to consolidate a spatial descriptive vision of geometry including scale and proportion in virtual and real printed environment. Each group will have a 3D printer in the class.

13 years old and +


This activity develops a creative idea and turns it into a functional product. Using a design thinking methodology we let students get experience on the different stages of the process (from the initial design to the production).

DESIGN 3D & LEGO®​ ART images