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In this weekly club the students of Primary and Secondary Education combine the use of graphic tools to make programs, and formal text tools for programming such as Python

Learning Objectives

• Computational Thinking
• Scartch /Tinker on Minecraft
• ​Game Modding

Skills and development of STEAM

• Creativity
• Enumeration
• Spatial  Reasoning
• Computational thinking
• International Collaboration

• Solving problems in a creative way



Some of the concepts that will be introduced are coordinate systems, used for navigation and communication of the location and also working with numbers. For example, in Minecraft or CoSpaces, everything is based on numbers for example: at what level can you find the metals you need to build? Or how many resources do you need to build "X" considering the scale? This helps students to improve their relationship with numbers and mathematics but also spatial reasoning.

We consider that all this skills are fundamental in the development of any children. Students can also use the "back-end" of Minecraft to create in an easy way. They will learn how blocks and elements work in Minecraft, and how they can be configured through their properties. They will make their own blocks, where they can specify their appearance, as well as how they behave and when they interact.

Following a global project story, students will program mobile devices with App Inventor, as well as the construction video games like Minecraft Studio

5 to 8 years old


Activity that helps students to assimilate the basic concepts required for Computational Thinking through the introduction of Programming. Using graphic tools like Tynker, Scratch and Hopsocotch and also Hardware as Alert Smart Robot.

9 to 12 years old


Activity that develops: the competence of Computational Thinking, how to organise algorithms developing sequences, conditional loops, etc. Students will put all these into practise on multiplatforms such as LEGO® robots, Makey Makey and PARROT® drones. They are also going to use virtual environments such as Minecraft.

13 years old and +


Activity for the development of modular programming that follows a global project in mobile environments such as smartphones and tablets using the App Inventor, likewise in virtual reality like Minecraft and CoSpaces.