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Robotics for kids - LEGO®​ ROBOTICS  I

This is the first phase of STEAM learning; here we create an atmosphere where the youngest students can feel comfortable working in an atmosphere similar to and Scandinavian club.

Learning objective

• Learn how to reflect and experiment with a critical sense.
• Transition to project-based learning.
• Work with: forces, movement, balance and mechanics.
• Work with complex geometries integrating levers, gears, shafts, wheels, pulleys, etc.
• Implementation of LEGO®​ powered machines and introduction to STEAM programming.
• Introduction of consumables and arts and crafts for the presentation of ideas.

Abilities and Development of STEAM:

• Computer Literacy
• Creative Problem-solving
• Critical and Logical Thinking
• ​Spatial Reasoning

The resources that students have spread in the classroom allow them to work in an environment that promotes the multiple intelligences, so that the communication of the final project is significant from the technological and the visual art aspects.

Every student will build their own LEGO®​ robot and use it throughout the week solving problems and challenges that might appear.

Students will be given the opportunity of using their own creativity to improve the robot’s design in order to tackle better the challenges, while they keep learning

Programs will be made using Tynker and Scratch, which enables users to visually compose programs without needing to worry about syntax and spellchecking.


5 to 8 years old


Activity that develops machining, communication and effective team work skills through the use LEGO® equipment.

9 to 12 years old


Activity that develops: complex systems, computational thinking (programming) and global teamwork skills through the use LEGO® equipment.

13 years old and +


Activity that develops prototypes for entrepreneur projects with the use LEGO equipment, Makey Makey and Micro:Bit; having a social perspective and purpose.