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Robotics for kids - ROBOTICS III

Robotics III has been designed to help learn advanced of programming. The course covers everything in LEGO®​ Robotics II plus more advanced concepts

Learning Objectives

• Visual programming
•  Core programming concepts
•  Robot construction
•  Motors and sensors
•  Pathfinding algorithms
•  ​Gyroscopic navigation

Skills & STEAM Development

• Experimentation
• Problem-Solving
• Critical & Logical Thinking
• Design Thinking about social robotics: city factory.
• Enhance the values of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Students will participate actively in the international entrepreneur projects where they will make an exchange of ideas and knowledge in real time with European schools

This activity takes advantage of Makeblock robots to assist the learning process by letting students have fun while learning core programming concepts. Through demonstrations and exciting exercises they will experience the world of programming with exciting and tangible results.

All programs are made using mBlock software of Makeblock and Micro:bit, which enables its users to visually compose Advanced programs. Every student will build their own robot and use it throughout the week to solve problems and challenges.


5 to 8 years old


Activity that develops machining, communication and effective team work skills through the use LEGO® equipment.

9 to 12 years old


Activity that develops: complex systems, computational thinking (programming) and global teamwork skills through the use LEGO® equipment.

13 years old and +


Activity that develops prototypes for entrepreneur projects with the use LEGO equipment, Makey Makey and Micro:Bit; having a social perspective and purpose.