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International collaborations: Denmark

Visit of our international collaboration partners

Last week, a group of Danish managers from the municipality of Ballerup Måløvhøj Skole, dept. Østerhøj, with whom we have collaborated for several years in our robotics for children visited us.

During the visit, as usual, they accompanied and visited several schools with us, sharing their experiences with our students and teachers. In one of the sessions, they could see a live international connection with a South Korean school, as well as completed gamification projects.

Conexión en directo con un centro de Corea del Sur

For the students, it was an exciting check point control in the STEAM curricular / extracurricular activity, where they were able to contrast the interest of the Danish teachers in their projects, as well as to make an ideas and knowledge exchange for both, and it all in English.

In our international project, we use tools such as videoconferencing in English to facilitate communication among students from South Korea, Denmark, etc. and our students. In addition, we also have collaborative environments that allow us to exchange files and live text messages.


WebRTC technology and Google Sites allows us to make a full collaboration classroom to classroom, that means a significant learning in the curricular and extracurricular activities we manage: Educational Robotics, Programming, and 3D Design and Printing.