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2017-18 INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATIVE PROGRAM Awards: International collaboration projects

This year, among all the centers that have participated in our international collaboration project, we have decided to reward the three most original and creative projects. It took us a lot to choose only three, because all the works are excellent and, for that reason, and on this occasion, we have taken into account the difficulty and creativity of the project, the assembly and the presentation.

1st place award: K-Pop Robot

Center: GlobalEduWorks Incheon Kyeyang SMART Learning Center of South Korea

This project wanted to represent the typical dance: Sangmo and Sogo.
For this, they have built two robots in charge of playing the drums, and a robot to perform the typical dance with the hat, the tambourine and the bow.
The three robots have been made with LEGO®Mindstorms.

The mix of: music, dance, programming, robots, musical instruments, tradition, we loved it! Congratulations, guys! You have done an excellent job and, for this reason, you deserve the first price.

2nd place award: Battle Bit

Center: Montserrat School of Barcelona, Spain

The second prize is for the Montserrat school in Barcelona, Spain, which has managed to program with Micro: bit a fun game of warships for two players.

In this case, we have valued the difficulty of the programming and the originality of the game, taking into account that after the work done .. we can play a fun and entertaining game with a friend. Good job!

3rd place award: Fastelavn

Center: Måløvhøj Skoleen Ballerup, Denmark

The last, and third, winner is Måløvhøj Skoleen Ballerup, Denmark. In this case, they have made based on the traditional feast of Fastelavn, which is celebrated 7 weeks before Easter. With this cultural exchange, we have been able to learn a little more about the Danish culture and traditions.

In this third prize, we have valued the detail and effort made in all the presentations. With all your explanations and work and, now that we already know what this beautiful and fun festivity is, who knows ... maybe some of our students will start celebrating in their homes. A costume, a piñata, candy and friends. Well done!

Ganadores del 3º premio