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International meeting in Barcelona

International project checkpoint in Barcelona

A checkpoint on the international project with Danish Ballerup schools was held this April in Barcelona.

During this month a series of key actions has been taken with our students, and also with Danish teachers and managers, in order to receive feedback of this year international project: THE GLOBAL GOALS.

These control points are complementary to the feedback on the collaborative platform, CIRCUIT, since every week it is reported through text in English, images, videos, links, etc.


The STEAM project about THE GLOBAL GOALS, mainly consists in ideas and knowledge exchange through the established international network. Students from different schools, in which IGNITE manages curricular and extracurricular activities, get in touch and share ideas about social challenges, citizenship and entrepreneurship.

IGNITE Serious Play not only focuses in quality training and education, but international collaboration too, so not only important skills about technology, robotics or programming are taught in extracurricular, but all you can learn by connecting different international points of view.


IGNITE Serious Play provides a private communication space, based on RTC web conversations, where daily participate 42 international schools .

Not only Spanish schools and institutes participate In this communication space, but also schools from Denmark, the Netherlands, South Korea, Lebanon and the USA, among others.

Private communication area

Private communication area

The varied and international feedback encourages new ideas and this means a significant evolution of knowledge in students and at the same time they learn to work collaboratively. The project development is very motivating and significant for the students, since the proposals go beyond the scope of the classroom, physically speaking.

The meeting

Together with Danish managers and teachers, 9 schools were visited in Barcelona. Also, workshops on international collaboration, new technologies, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and Design Thinking were held.