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New music extracurricular

New music extracurricular

Technology is revitalizing the way music students compose, produce and interpret music. With IGNITE Serious Play, through its pedagogical project of music extracurricular activities, students can experience the benefits of technology and its possibilities to take music education to new levels.

In an extracurricular activity of IGNITE Serious Play, we improve the density and quality of the attention of the students, through STEAM technology.

Below, an infographic from California Music Studios:

Specifically, our offer of Extracurricular Activities of the Music category, are:

  • Sensitization (CHILDREN stage)
  • Initiation (PRIMARY SCHOOL)
  • Musical theatre (PRIMARY SCHOOL and HIGH SCHOOL)

The Ed-Tech in the classroom will undoubtedly help us to work the formal and non-formal musical language. We work centers of interest from Bach and Beethoven, to Rosalía.

The benefits of a digital transformation of musical learning are clear:

  • Strengthens and broadens the curriculum.
  • Motivate the students to learn.
  • Encourages students to respond to a variety of learning styles

The support infrastructures are diverse, from the interactive whiteboards to the Google Tablet / Chromebook user devices. Of course we have a series of electronic instruments such as keyboard, violin, saxophone, etc. that, combined with classical instruments, generate significant learning.

We have software and fabulous apps at our fingertips, to create, participate and share projects in online communities, being able to discuss and contrast the curriculum.

For example, here is a list of apps for music education:

  1. Ear Trainer: Improve your musical ear.

  2. GarageBand: Create with a complete recording studio.

  3. forScore: Store all your scores in this robust library.

  4. Real Piano Pro: Play a full 88-key piano with realistic sound and key labels.

  5. ImproVox: Practice your tuning and harmonization.


Apart from learning the musical language, as well as an initiation to an instrument, students can create a studio for musical production.

Students work with a portable electronic music station that combines the basic functions of a synthesizer, sampler, drum machine, effects device and sequencer.

The musical studio station serves as a learning tool to demonstrate the properties of sound.



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