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New course, new challenges

New course, new challenges

There is a time to learn, a time to have fun and a time to do both things at the same time. Each afternoon, after school, a lot of smiles make their way through the  hallways of the school and go out to the playground in search of the expected ball, dare to grab the brushes or start the first chords of his guitar. Afterschool and certain curricular activities teach us how to exercise muscles, improve our reflexes, educate our ears or improve our skills.

We can go to practice judo, the playground or the pool, but do you know any gym where you can train your mind? And most importantly, make it as fun as the most exciting of the matches?


The smartest fun

Learning with technology has the magic of creating unsuspected effects that stimulate our curiosity and arouse creativity, building confidence in our own abilities when it comes to solving challenges that challenge our intelligence.

Would we be able, for example, to get a pear, an apple, and a pair of bananas to sound like a piano? In the video below you can see how Primary boys and girls are achieving something similar, inventing their own compositions, connecting Makey Makey cables to conductive elements and programming with Scratch a spectacular musical band.

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Experiences like these are those that hundreds of students are already enjoying in the extracurricular and curricular activities that Ignite Serious Play is carrying out in schools in Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza and Madrid since the beginning of the school year. By adjusting the activities and methodologies to the particular characteristics of each student, we achieve that personalized learning would be one of the keys to success in fulfilling the pedagogical objectives set at the beginning of each activity.

Beyond the digital skills, really essential for your current and future training, we guide all our activities to enhance your ability to imagine, to create unforeseen solutions, to increase your confidence in your own resources when it comes to solving problems. With this approach we apply diverse technologies and methodologies in the different extracurricular clubs:

Robotics: design and construction of robots, integrating the learning of basic mechanics and coding principles through LEGO Education, MBots or BlueBots.

Coding: creative learning with Scratch of logical structures and development of projects according to their interests and motivations.

3D Design & Virtual Reality: creation of virtual objects and environments in Tinkercad and CoSpaces and printing of models on 3D printers.

Maker Workshops: reuse of recycled and common use materials, combined with digital devices, to perform interactive and programmable constructions with Microbit or Makey Makey  Imagination is the ony limit!

Music: sensitization and musical initiation based on specific work with instruments and the exploration of rhythm, using digital tools.

Graphic design and multimedia production​: creative exploration of the possibilities offered by digital tools for artistic expression, from the digital tablet of artistic drawing to video editing.

Your curiosity sure doesn't have limits either. We encourage you to know more about our STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) and the IGNITE Method.

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