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STEAM in the classroom with IGNITE Serious Play

STEAM in the classroom

¿What is STEM and STEAM?

Firstly, we have to define what exactly STEM is, this is an English acronym of four academic disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. When these are interspersed with artistic and creative abilities, another term called STEAM arises, where A refers to Art, including innovation and design.

The educational projects developed under this term aim to develop the knowledge of all these subjects from a joint and interdisciplinary point, where contexts and problems are presented and have to be solved by all these disciplines.

¿Which are the benefits?

STEAM aims to offer an artistic and creative perspective to scientific and technological content, and to efficiently develop all knowledge and have greater capabilities to solve different problems.

This type of practical education offers the students the ability to develop all skills, it helps to think differently. It allows students to analyze situations and encourage critical thinking through experimentation and teamwork.

It is not only important for students to learn and acquire knowledge in all these areas, but to do so in a fun and practical way. This is how the theory is completely acquiered.

Teamwork, in addition, not only encourages them to learn to communicate, but also to share all points of view. This, significantly increases new ideas in problem solving.

The educational approach has grown in recent years thanks to the DIY culture (Do It Yourself), which provides the vision and the ability to do things by ourselves and in this case, with technology. STEAM education includes this idea of ​​learning by doing.

¿Which STEAM activities do we offer?

At IGNITE Serious Play we trust in these type of methodologies, we think that are the future, as new technologies are increasingly in our lives. That is why we offer three main extracurricular activities that encourage all STEAM disciplines.

  • Robotics
  • 3D Manufacturing and printing
  • Code thinking


Esta actividad extraescolar ofrece a los alumnos aprender sobre robótica, fuerzas, movimiento, equilibrio y mecánica mediante engranajes, ejes, palancas, poleas, etc.

Para fomentar el trabajo en equipo, se realizan pequeños grupos en cada sesión donde a cada alumno se le asigna un rol, ingeniero, constructor o programador. En cada sesión estos se intercambian fomentado diferentes perspectivas y adquiriendo todos los conocimientos.

La extraescolar de Robótica es otra extraescolar donde podemos mezclar componentes tecnológicos y artísticos. ¿Dónde por qué no podemos hacer una coreografía bailando con drones?

3D Manufacturing

Esta actividad extraescolar ofrece a los alumnos una introducción al diseño 3D por ordenador trabajando en equipo mediante roles de diseñador e ingeniero, que cambian en cada sesión.

Los alumnos aprender a reflexionar y entender conocimientos de física, geometría y prototipado 3D para aumentar y consolidar la visión espacial y las proporciones entre el entorno real y virtual. Los alumnos realizaran proyectos de Smart City consolidando los procesos de investigación, boceto, planeamiento urbanístico, diseño 3D CAD e impresión.

Es la tecnología que se adapta perfectamente al ámbito artístico de STEAM, ya que la tecnología involucrada es la de impresión 3D, fusionando esta con los conceptos de diseño, creatividad e imaginación estratégica.

eSports programming

Esta actividad extraescolar ofrece a los alumnos herramientas gráficas para hacer programas, juntos trabajan en equipo mediante tareas y roles definidos que cambian cada sesión (programador y tester).

Los alumnos aprenden a organizar algoritmos para desarrollar un pensamiento computacional con secuencias o bucles condicionales y poniéndolo en práctica sobre elementos hardware y entornos de mundo abierto como sandbox Minecraf Education. En el nivel eSports II también aprenderán a desarrollar aplicaciones para dispositivos móviles con App Inventor.

Mediante la extraescolar Programación eSports, a través de la herramienta Minecraft podemos vehicular contenidos culturales como por ejemplo las pirámides de Egipto, jardines de Babilonia, etc. a través de concepción de nuevos espacios y comunicación digital.

¿Why us?

IGNITE Serious Play transforms the classroom into a different experience where students are motivated to learn, all combined with the traditional work logic and in a virtual and international community.

We provoke a significant learning, which is rooted in the emotions of the students themselves, having tools to create and communicate.

All of our activities have English as a vehicular language, as we work collaboratively with students of other European schools.

All our teachers have a double profile: Technical experience (in software development, design or robotics) and pedagogy. This double profile allows us to have technically powerful activities, but also, and very important, to have fun while students learn.

The study is not measured by the number  read pages in a night, nor by the number of books read in a semester. Studying is not an act of consuming ideas, but of creating and recreating them. (Paulo Freire)