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Makeblock neuron kit and mbot robots training

Makeblock training

Makeblock mbot robots and neuron kits training

Today, at IGNITE, we have been able to practice with new robotics materials of Makeblock's brand.
Lluís Molas of Atlantis Telecom company attended the course as trainer.

IGNITE at training room

The two new materials, the mbot robots and the neuron kits, will be introduced progressively at the third quarter of this course, 2017-2018, in our afterschool activities in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza.

mbot robot

Mbot robot.

Programming the robot

Programming the robot

Showing mBlock graphic environment

Neuron kits will be introduced gradually for the youngest ones, CODE THINKING I, because this material allows to introduce the basic programming in a visual way combining the assembly and the crafts, tinkering.

The mBot robot will be used for more advanced programming, CODE THINKING II, prioritizing programming rather than assembly. In this case, the programming style is similar to program with Scratch.