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IGNITE Serious Play makes available to educational and leisure entities, its professional and material resources for the organization of motivating technological workshops in order to be integrated in Camps, Summer Camps, Stages, etc.

In this period from June to September we usually organize weekly STEAM projects, where student develop a story from the idea and the mechanization, to the digital presentation, in English, in a virtual classroom. These projects are parameterized according to the ages of 5 to 18 years, with various challenges and competences.

Some of the projects that we have fully parameterized for an intensive week, can be workshops of LEGO Powered Machines Leaonardo Da Vinci machine, programming robots: LEGO Mindstorms for Smart Cite, designing and 3D printing for redeveloping a city or piloting and programming the Parrot Drones.

Engineering - mechanization of LEGO machines.

Art - Communication of ideas through metaphors and models.

Data-Processing - Computational thinking (programming)

eSports - Collaboration and programming virtual avatars with Minecraft and CoSpaces; through the game.