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IGNITE Serious Play: The Orchestra Director of Extracurricular Activities

Unified Management of Extracurricular Activities

IGNITE Serious Play: The Orchestra Director of Extracurricular Activities

Unified Management of Extracurricular Activities

The educational centers, as well as the associations of families of the schools, in these dates receive numerous proposals on the part of providers of extracurricular activities, increasingly diverse and ultimately more difficult to evaluate.

The agility in the process, as well as the integration of these in the educational project of the center, is the kind of success in the election.

Extra-curricular activities are often highly complex in terms of disciplines and competencies, as well as in operation and monitoring, which generates a risk in costs and times for those responsible for extracurricular activities.

IGNITE Serious Play proposes a unified management of Extracurricular Activities, proposing the new skills and abilities of the XXI Century, through a modern model of relationship with the school, AMPA and families, and a service model with some senior professors and contents of quality.

The key figure for this whole process is the Pedagogical Coordinator assigned to the center, as the sole interlocutor for the operation and the day-to-day activities. The IGNITE Pedagogical Coordinator is the visible face for the center, with an email and direct telephone, for any question, incidence, request, etc.

The RELATIONSHIP MODEL proposed by IGNITE Serious Play, allows:

  1. Agree on a project planning before the start of the course, to work on the competency objectives in question.
  2. Monthly follow-up of the Extra-curricular Activity, for each age group and category, explaining the current and upcoming projects.

The SERVICE MODEL, from IGNITE we assure you by:

  1. Senior Lecturer, from the pedagogical, linguistic and competence aspects.
  2. Design and Implementation of the appropriate activities for each age group and educational project of Infant, Primary and / or Secondary.
  3. Assurance of methodologies (Gamification, Design Thinking, Serious Play), and participation in the International Program.
  4. Control points of open doors with families, and participation in cultural events of the educational center.

For the Unification of the Process in the Extracurricular Activities, we have digitized the Relationship and Service Model through Google Apps tools, open, secure and online.

The billing process to the educational center / AMPA / AFA / family is done in an automated and modern way, through an online registration and contracting portal.

This webservice portal has been designed expressly so that families have agility in contracting activities in the Schools, as well as activities that we manage in IGNITE Serious Play's own facilities in Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza:https://www.igniteseriousplay.com/es/educacion/club-maker

Both in educational centers and in our facilities, we manage extra-curricular activities of various categories, such as STEAM Technology (Educational Robotics, Programming, Virtual Reality, 3D Design and Graphic Art), Music (Awareness, Initiation and Musical Theater), as well as Health & Wellness (Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness and Olympic Games 2020).


IGNITE Serious Play acts as the Orchestra director needed by the educational center or the AMPA / AFA as responsible for extracurricular activities:

  1. Operating and improving processes in an extracurricular activity.
  2. Transforming digitally the dynamics of past activities.
  3. Laying the foundations to provide innovative Extracurricular Activities, working the new competences regarding Technology, STEAM, Music and Health & Wellness: https://www.igniteseriousplay.com/es/educacion




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